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Breast Augmentation

Quick Information

What Is Breast Augmentation?

Breast Augmentation in Dubai, also known as ‘Boob job’ or ‘Augmentation mammoplasty,’ is a popular surgical procedure designed to enhance breast volume and shape. It is a highly customizable procedure with various breast implant brands, sizes, shapes, profiles, and textures available to choose from. Annually, approximately 1.7 million breast augmentation procedures are performed worldwide. The surgery has proven to boost self-confidence and create a more proportionate physical appearance for women who undergo it.

In Dubai, Breast Augmentation can be performed using one of three modalities:

  1. Hybrid Breast Augmentation
  2. Breast Implants
  3. Autologous Fat Transfer

For those considering breast augmentation in Dubai and seeking the best surgeon, I, Dr. Yasser Khattab, encourage you to reach out to me today to discuss your options and achieve the desired outcome. Rest assured that your journey towards enhanced breasts will be in safe and skilled hands.

Dr. Yasser Khattab On Hybrid Breast Augmentation

In my professional opinion, I advocate for primary breast augmentation to be performed in front of the pectoral muscles, with or without fat grafting, based on the individual patient’s needs. Sub-pectoral or dual plane breast augmentation (behind the muscle) should be reserved for secondary and reconstructive breast procedures. With the advancements in hybrid techniques and the availability of 6th generation breast implants, sub-pectoral placement should have limited or no role in primary breast augmentation.

Benefits of Hybrid Breast Augmentation

Hybrid breast augmentation offers several advantages that contribute to achieving more natural and aesthetically pleasing results:


Natural LookBy adding fat to the breast implant, the procedure softens the edges around the implant, resulting in a more natural appearance.
Smaller ImplantsThe use of small implants is possible in this technique, reducing potential long-term issues associated with larger implants.
Sculpted Breast ShapeHybrid breast augmentation allows the breast surgeon to sculpt and shape the breasts in a way that cannot be achieved with implants alone.
Enhanced Projection and VolumeCombining a round ergonomic implant with fat transfer creates a more natural shape, increased projection, and added volume in the upper pole.
Muscle PreservationHybrid breast surgery carefully preserves strength and muscle function, leading to outcomes that are not attainable with either individual technique of implants or fat grafting.
Dual BenefitsIn addition to augmenting the breasts, the procedure offers the advantage of removing unwanted fat from other areas of the body through liposuction.
Cost and IndividualizationWhile hybrid techniques offer remarkable benefits, they may increase the cost of breast augmentation compared to using implants alone. Each patient’s case must be individualized and thoroughly counseled to ensure the best possible outcomes.


While hybrid techniques offer remarkable benefits, it is essential to note that they may increase the cost of breast augmentation compared to using implants alone. Each patient’s case must be individualized and thoroughly counseled to ensure the best possible outcomes.

Breast Implants-Based Breast Augmentation

Breast implants are artificial devices used to enhance breast size and shape. Dr. Yasser Khattab utilizes Motiva Ergonomix implants known for their ability to adapt to gravitational changes and various positions, resulting in a natural “look and feel” after breast augmentation. As a leading breast augmentation surgeon in Dubai, Dr. Yasser Khattab employs advanced virtual reality software called Crisalix to create a customized augmented model based on your breast tissue characteristics and measurements during the consultation. This state-of-the-art technology allows for a personalized treatment plan, and Dr. Yasser Khattab will thoroughly discuss the associated risks and side effects related to breast implants and the procedure.

Breast Augmentation With Fat Transfer

Breast augmentation with fat transfer, also known as autologous fat grafting, offers a natural and scarless approach to increase breast volume using the patient’s own body fat. This surgical procedure involves liposuction to carefully remove excess fat from areas such as the tummy, hips, and thighs and then transferring it to the breasts.

For selected patients, fat transfer can yield more natural-looking results compared to breast implants, with the added benefit of avoiding surgical scars. However, it’s essential to note that this procedure is best suited for individuals seeking increased breast volume while maintaining their existing breast shape. It does not significantly impact breast projection or address saggy breasts.

This approach is particularly ideal for women looking to enhance their breast size without opting for breast implants. Additionally, it is a common technique used in breast reconstruction cases after mastectomy, correcting genetic deformities, or enhancing the appearance of tuberous breasts or Poland Syndrome.

Fat transfer breast augmentation allows patients to achieve fuller breasts using their own natural fat cells, eliminating concerns about future revision surgeries or the need for breast implant removal procedures. It offers a promising solution for those seeking a more natural and personalized approach to breast augmentation.

You a Good Candidate for Breast Augmentation?

Only a qualified plastic surgeon with extensive experience in breast surgeries, such as Dr. Yasser Khattab, can determine whether or not you are a good candidate for surgery.

1. They have breasts that are “empty” or sagging (usually due to pregnancy, breastfeeding, aging, and weight fluctuation).
2. They wish to improve the shape of their breasts and make their cleavage more visible.
3. They have asymmetric breasts that must be corrected.
4. They are physically and mentally fit to make this decision.
5. They have their expectations in check (looking for improvements but not perfection).
6. They are not expecting a child or breastfeeding (you should wait at least three months after stopping breastfeeding for the surgery).

Breast Implant Size

Choosing the right breast implant size is a crucial decision for breast augmentation patients, and it’s essential to find the perfect fit for each individual. As a leading breast surgeon in Dubai, Dr. Yasser Khattab understands the significance of achieving natural-looking results tailored to each patient’s desires. Breast implants are measured in “CC’s” (Cubic Centimeters), with sizes ranging from 100 CC to 800 CC, but common sizes are 300 and 400 CC. When considering breast implant sizes, the following ranges can be taken into account:

  • Small Size: 200 CC or below
  • Medium Size: 250 CC to 350 CC
  • Big Size: Starting at 400 CC

To determine the ideal implant size for you, it’s crucial to communicate your desired outcome to Dr. Khattab. He will consider various factors like height, weight, shoulder, and ribcage width to create a personalized range of breast implant sizes that will enhance your proportions while minimizing the risk of complications. Implants that are too large may result in an artificial appearance, while implants that are too small may not achieve the desired breast size and contour. With Dr. Yasser Khattab’s expertise, you can rest assured that your breast augmentation journey will lead to beautifully natural and satisfying results.

Breast Augmentation Recovery And Downtime

Recovering from breast augmentation in Dubai is a personalized journey, and as an experienced breast surgeon, Dr. Yasser Khattab ensures that each patient’s recovery process is well-guided and comfortable. Immediately after the surgery, you may feel drowsy due to general anesthesia, and you will spend one night at the clinic before heading home the next day. Since you won’t be able to drive, arrange for a family member or friend to assist you.

The first three days post-surgery can be challenging, with some discomfort, pain, and pressure in the chest area. To ease your recovery, follow your breast surgeon’s prescribed medication regimen. While rest is essential for some patients during this period, others can engage in light activities like walking or simple home tasks. Lymphatic drainage massages may also be recommended to reduce edema and expedite healing.

Once the first week has passed, you can gradually resume daily activities like driving, light housecleaning, and self-care. Be cautious and avoid strenuous activities, particularly those involving your arms and chest, as the implants begin to settle into place.

Around two weeks after the surgery, you can return to work and start light exercises at the gym. After four weeks, you can engage in more intense exercises, as long as your healing progress is on track. At this point, beach visits are possible, but remember to protect the scar area from direct sun exposure.

Approximately a month after the procedure, you will be fully recovered and ready to embrace your “new life.” You can wear new bras, including underwire options, and participate in intimate breast activities, feeling confident and satisfied with your beautiful results. Trust in Dr. Yasser Khattab’s expertise to guide you through a smooth and successful breast augmentation recovery journey.

Frequently Asked Questions About VASER HD Liposuction

Breast augmentation is an excellent option if you desire enhanced breast size and shape. Candidates typically have “empty” or sagging breasts due to factors like pregnancy, aging, weight fluctuations, or asymmetric breasts that need correction. It is essential to consult a qualified plastic surgeon like Dr. Yasser Khattab to assess your candidacy.

Breast implants are measured in cubic centimeters (CCs) and can range from 100 CC to 800 CC. Common sizes include 300 and 400 CC. Your desired look and physical measurements will guide the selection of the right implant size for you.

Breast augmentation recovery is individualized, but generally, the immediate post-surgery period requires rest and support. The first three days may involve discomfort, which can be managed with prescribed medications. After a week, you can resume light activities, and at two weeks, return to work and light exercises. Full recovery typically takes four weeks, enabling you to engage in heavy exercises and regular activities.

While breast augmentation with implants or fat transfer is the most common surgical approach, non-surgical options like breast enhancement creams or exercises are available. However, these methods usually offer limited and temporary results and may not achieve the same level of enhancement.

The longevity of breast implants varies depending on factors like implant type, lifestyle, and individual characteristics. While implants do not have a fixed expiration date, it is recommended to monitor them regularly through routine check-ups with your surgeon. Some patients may choose to replace implants after 10-15 years, but many enjoy their results for longer periods without any complications.

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Saril Ali
Saril Ali
Dr Yasser is a surgeon with exceptional skills and unwavering dedication. One of the few plastic surgeons who not only specializes in hand surgery but also in paediatric plastic surgery with a compassionate approach.
Dr Yasir Khattab is an excellent hand and plastic surgeon. I have referred many complicated cases with an outstanding outcome .
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Yaser Elgazzar
Excellent experienced surgeon Highly recommended
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Abed Ajaj
One of the best surgeon in uae committed and honest with the patient
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Hanna G
I was treated by dr Yasser few times and always was very happy with his attitude to patient. His diagnoses were always explained and plan for treatment was clearly stated.. Another experience was as doctor , colleague working with dr Yasser. I consider him as an excellent surgeon, very skilled, very modest and always very polite and respectful to all staff in OT.. Definitely I would recommend dr Yasser as a plastic, reconstructive surgeon.. Extremely skilled in surgical procedures like fractures or injuries of hand including construction of damaged nerves..
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Randa Chad
Dr. Yasser is very professional and helpful in all medical matters. Highly recommend if you have any issue in hand / plastic surgeries!
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Olimpia Carmen
Excellent doctor, professional and empathetic with his patients, always in top with his expertise in his field, very respected by colleagues surgeons and any medical professional. His opinion counts, and he is trusted in all medical decisions taken, for the best of his patients. His hands are having healing powers, as well as his words of encouragement, support and guidance.
Neeb Aoun
Neeb Aoun
Dr Yasser has been an amazing surgeon. He has been welcoming and listened to my concerns and diagnosed the problems correctly and this helped improve my symptoms. I really wish best for this doctor.
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Grace Salazar
Dr. Yasser Khattab, is extremely professional: he takes time to listen and to explain. I can tell he truly cares about his patients, his services are highly recommended.

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