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HD VASER Liposculpture

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HD VASER Liposculpture: Sculpting Your Body with Precision

HD VASER liposculpture is a revolutionary procedure that merges fat emulsification (VASER) with the extraction of fat cells using a power-assisted liposuction device from carefully selected anatomical regions, resulting in an enhanced overall appearance.

If you find specific areas of your body resistant to traditional diet and exercise, and you seek to tone or shape them, HD VASER liposculpture is the ideal solution. This technique effectively sculpts the body, providing the desired definition and delivering long-term results.

The art of HD definition Liposculpture demands a high level of expertise, skill, and artistry to ensure predictable and consistent outcomes. When considering this procedure, selecting a surgeon wisely becomes crucial to achieving the best possible results. Trust in Dr. Yasser Khattab’s expertise and experience to deliver the body contours you envision.

Standard Liposuction Vs. Vaser HD Liposculpture

Aspect Standard Liposuction Vaser HD Liposculpture
Suitability Ideal for treating large areas of fat deposits without definition (debulking procedure) Suitable for achieving a more defined athletic look, revealing underlying muscular anatomy
Fat Removal Process Mainly removes deep and some superficial fat cells Removes both deep and superficial fat, emphasizing muscular anatomy
Body Sculpting Produces a slimmer, more contoured figure, based on the amount of fat removed Takes body contouring and sculpting to the next level; classified into Basic, Moderate, & Extreme HD based on the desired level of definition
Fat Grafting Usually not performed Commonly performed to enhance specific muscle groups in men and buttocks and breasts in females

How Does VASER Work?

VASER, which stands for Vibration Amplification of Sound Energy at Resonance, is an exceptional technique that yields highly satisfactory results for fat emulsification and extraction. This minimally invasive procedure is typically conducted in a hospital setting under General Anaesthesia. The post-operative recovery period involves wearing compression garments and foams, with post-operative lymphatic drainage being an essential part of the treatment. Below are the key steps involved in the VASER process:

Fat Separation & Selective Emulsification:
A tumescent fluid is injected into the tissues, followed by the insertion of VASER probes through stealth incisions. Utilizing ultrasound technology, VASER selectively emulsifies fat cells while preserving blood vessels and nerves.

Acoustic Streaming:
During this step, fat cells are further broken down into smaller groups, allowing for easier extraction. Dr. Yasser Khattab employs the VASER probe to stimulate the skin’s collagen production, leading to a tighter and more toned appearance.

Fat Extraction and Equalization:
The extraction of fat takes place at this stage, with Dr. Yasser Khattab using a MicroAire power-assisted Liposuction device with specialized cannulas to sculpt various body areas. Following extraction, any residual fat is superficially broken down into smaller particles to prevent contour irregularities.

Before Surgery:
Dr. Yasser Khattab advises preparing for VASER-assisted liposuction by maintaining a balanced diet and a regular exercise routine. Specific instructions tailored to your needs will be provided during the consultation to assist you in this regard.

Dr. Yasser Khattab offers personalized post-operative care, including massage sessions and lymphatic drainage performed by a dedicated team. This custom plan typically spans ten sessions, commencing from day-3 to day-13 post-op. For a period of six weeks, compression garments are worn, and regular follow-ups at the clinic are required.

Candidates for HD VASER Liposculpture in Dubai typically meet the following criteria

The advantages of VASER Liposculpture in Dubai are as follows

How Much Does A HD VASER Liposculpture Cost In Dubai?

The cost of HD VASER liposculpture in Dubai varies in each individual. The final cost is decided at the time of consultation.

Frequently Asked Questions About VASER HD Liposuction

VASER HD Liposuction is an advanced body contouring technique that utilizes ultrasound technology to target and emulsify fat cells selectively. Unlike traditional liposuction, VASER HD Liposuction preserves surrounding tissues, blood vessels, and nerves, leading to a more sculpted and defined appearance.

Ideal candidates for VASER HD Liposuction are individuals who have localized areas of stubborn fat that do not respond well to diet and exercise. They should be in good overall health, have a stable weight, and desire a more defined and athletic look.

VASER HD Liposuction is performed under anesthesia, ensuring patient comfort during the procedure. While some discomfort and swelling are expected after the surgery, pain is typically manageable with prescribed medication. The recovery period varies among individuals, but most patients can resume light activities within a few days and gradually return to regular routines in a few weeks.

Yes, the results of VASER HD Liposuction are considered long-lasting. The procedure permanently removes fat cells from the treated areas. However, maintaining a healthy lifestyle, including a balanced diet and regular exercise, is essential to preserving the sculpted contours and preventing significant weight gain in the future.

VASER HD Liposuction’s ability to selectively target fat cells while preserving other tissues sets it apart from traditional liposuction and other body contouring methods. Its precision and effectiveness in achieving a sculpted, athletic look make it a preferred choice for individuals seeking superior body sculpting results.

Life-Changing Results

Dr. Yasser Khattab's Expertise in Cosmetic Surgery

Saril Ali
Saril Ali
Dr Yasser is a surgeon with exceptional skills and unwavering dedication. One of the few plastic surgeons who not only specializes in hand surgery but also in paediatric plastic surgery with a compassionate approach.
Dr Yasir Khattab is an excellent hand and plastic surgeon. I have referred many complicated cases with an outstanding outcome .
Yaser Elgazzar
Yaser Elgazzar
Excellent experienced surgeon Highly recommended
Abed Ajaj
Abed Ajaj
One of the best surgeon in uae committed and honest with the patient
Hanna G
Hanna G
I was treated by dr Yasser few times and always was very happy with his attitude to patient. His diagnoses were always explained and plan for treatment was clearly stated.. Another experience was as doctor , colleague working with dr Yasser. I consider him as an excellent surgeon, very skilled, very modest and always very polite and respectful to all staff in OT.. Definitely I would recommend dr Yasser as a plastic, reconstructive surgeon.. Extremely skilled in surgical procedures like fractures or injuries of hand including construction of damaged nerves..
Randa Chad
Randa Chad
Dr. Yasser is very professional and helpful in all medical matters. Highly recommend if you have any issue in hand / plastic surgeries!
Olimpia Carmen
Olimpia Carmen
Excellent doctor, professional and empathetic with his patients, always in top with his expertise in his field, very respected by colleagues surgeons and any medical professional. His opinion counts, and he is trusted in all medical decisions taken, for the best of his patients. His hands are having healing powers, as well as his words of encouragement, support and guidance.
Neeb Aoun
Neeb Aoun
Dr Yasser has been an amazing surgeon. He has been welcoming and listened to my concerns and diagnosed the problems correctly and this helped improve my symptoms. I really wish best for this doctor.
Grace Salazar
Grace Salazar
Dr. Yasser Khattab, is extremely professional: he takes time to listen and to explain. I can tell he truly cares about his patients, his services are highly recommended.

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