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Lower Body Lift

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Enhance Your Contours with Lower Body Lift Surgery

Significant weight loss, changes in weight, or the natural aging process can lead to sagging skin in areas below the waistline. Lower body lift surgery offers a solution by tightening and sculpting various regions including the buttocks, back of the thighs, outer thighs, inner thighs, hips, and abdomen. This procedure removes excess loose skin that might hinder your confidence or cause mobility issues. If you’re close to your desired weight, a lower body lift can be performed either before or after an upper-body lift surgery. For the finest results, trust in the expertise of Dr. Yasser Khattab , the premier body lift plastic surgeon in Dubai.

When Can You Consider A Lower Body Lift Surgery?

Doctors often suggest a lower body lift in Dubai under the following circumstances:

  1. Significant Weight Loss: If you’ve experienced substantial weight loss due to dieting or bariatric surgery.
  2. Thin Subcutaneous Fat: When the fat layers beneath the skin in areas like the hips, thighs, abdomen, and buttocks are relatively thin.
  3. Overhanging Skin Issues: If excess skin in the lower body restricts your mobility and leads to discomforting issues like chafing, rashes, or infections.
  4. Sagging Skin Concerns: When sagging skin in the lower body becomes a source of distress for you.

Considerations Before Undergoing a Lower Body Lift Surgery


  • Enhanced Contour: The surgery removes loose skin and sculpts your body’s contours, revealing the results of your weight loss.
  • Boosted Self-Esteem: Enjoy improved self-esteem as you witness positive changes in your appearance.
  • Elimination of Overhanging Skin: Say goodbye to overhanging skin that may lead to painful issues like chafing, rashes, and infections.


  • Surgical Demands: This procedure is intricate and requires an extended recovery period.
  • Hospitalization or Nursing Care: You might need to spend one to three days in the hospital or receive skilled nursing care at home.
  • Scar Visibility: A scar will be present, but it will be concealed along the bikini line.

Dr Yasser Khattab is available to discuss whether this procedure aligns with your needs and how it could positively impact your life during an initial consultation.

Common Reasons to Consider a Lower Body Lift:

  • You’ve experienced significant weight loss through bariatric surgery or dieting.
  • Pregnancy and/or aging have resulted in loose skin and cellulite below the waistline.
  • Loose skin is present on your hips, thighs’ sides and fronts, inner thighs, and abdomen.
  • There’s noticeable skin laxity, excess skin, buttocks sagging, and abdominal wall laxity.
  • Fat layers beneath loose skin are relatively thin.
  • You’re open to accepting a discreet scar around your waist.
  • You are a non-smoker. Quitting smoking at least six weeks before surgery is essential to minimize risks and enhance healing.
  • Your weight has remained stable for at least a year, and you aren’t anticipating further weight loss. Waiting around two years after significant weight loss before undergoing body contouring allows optimal skin shrinkage and nutritional stability for better recovery.
  • Your overall health is good without chronic medical conditions like diabetes or heart disease. Clearance from your primary care physician or treating doctors is necessary.
  • You maintain a healthy diet as nutritional deficiencies can impede healing.
  • You possess mental resilience. Surgical contouring procedures demand patience and perseverance.

If you’re in good general health, possess a positive mindset, and have realistic expectations, you are likely a suitable candidate for this procedure.

Frequently Asked Questions About Lower Body Lift in Dubai

A lower body lift surgery, also known as a belt lipectomy, is a comprehensive procedure that aims to tighten and reshape areas below the waistline, including the buttocks, thighs, hips, and abdomen. It involves removing excess skin and fat, resulting in a more contoured and toned lower body appearance.

Ideal candidates for a lower body lift are individuals who have experienced significant weight loss, either through bariatric surgery or dieting, and are left with loose and sagging skin. They should be in good general health, maintain a stable weight, and have realistic expectations about the results.

A lower body lift can provide several benefits, including improved body contour, increased self-confidence, elimination of skin-related discomfort like chafing and rashes, and the ability to wear clothing more comfortably. It addresses issues caused by weight loss or aging, enhancing both appearance and quality of life.

Recovery after a lower body lift surgery typically takes several weeks. Patients might experience bruising, swelling, and some discomfort. It’s important to avoid straining the healing areas. Most individuals can return to work within about five weeks after the procedure.

Yes, there will be scars, but they are strategically placed to be concealed along the bikini line. While scars are an inevitable part of surgery, they tend to fade over time and can often be hidden by clothing. Dr. Yasser Khattab can provide guidance on scar care and their eventual appearance during the initial consultation.

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Dr. Yasser Khattab's Expertise in Cosmetic Surgery

Saril Ali
Saril Ali
Dr Yasser is a surgeon with exceptional skills and unwavering dedication. One of the few plastic surgeons who not only specializes in hand surgery but also in paediatric plastic surgery with a compassionate approach.
Dr Yasir Khattab is an excellent hand and plastic surgeon. I have referred many complicated cases with an outstanding outcome .
Yaser Elgazzar
Yaser Elgazzar
Excellent experienced surgeon Highly recommended
Abed Ajaj
Abed Ajaj
One of the best surgeon in uae committed and honest with the patient
Hanna G
Hanna G
I was treated by dr Yasser few times and always was very happy with his attitude to patient. His diagnoses were always explained and plan for treatment was clearly stated.. Another experience was as doctor , colleague working with dr Yasser. I consider him as an excellent surgeon, very skilled, very modest and always very polite and respectful to all staff in OT.. Definitely I would recommend dr Yasser as a plastic, reconstructive surgeon.. Extremely skilled in surgical procedures like fractures or injuries of hand including construction of damaged nerves..
Randa Chad
Randa Chad
Dr. Yasser is very professional and helpful in all medical matters. Highly recommend if you have any issue in hand / plastic surgeries!
Olimpia Carmen
Olimpia Carmen
Excellent doctor, professional and empathetic with his patients, always in top with his expertise in his field, very respected by colleagues surgeons and any medical professional. His opinion counts, and he is trusted in all medical decisions taken, for the best of his patients. His hands are having healing powers, as well as his words of encouragement, support and guidance.
Neeb Aoun
Neeb Aoun
Dr Yasser has been an amazing surgeon. He has been welcoming and listened to my concerns and diagnosed the problems correctly and this helped improve my symptoms. I really wish best for this doctor.
Grace Salazar
Grace Salazar
Dr. Yasser Khattab, is extremely professional: he takes time to listen and to explain. I can tell he truly cares about his patients, his services are highly recommended.

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